Friday, 9 November 2012

Quella One Revealed.

So here it is!

After the much anticipated wait you can now feast your eyes on The Quella One.

We've taken our time to systematically hand pick every component of The Quella One, and what we've come up with we feel is simply stunning both in terms of aesthetics and even more importantly to us, performance.

How do I get my hands on one I hear you cry? Pre Orders will be available on our brand new super slick website from the middle of next week, keep and eye on the Facebook and Twitter (@Quellabicycle) for regular updates over the next few days.

Check out for the full photoshoot and see The Quella One in all its glory on the streets of Cambridge.

Any questions, suggestions, opinions get in touch with Mark on 07950 041417 or 



  1. Are these the new wheels?

  2. These are not the new wheels, we've had a slight delay in their delivery, however they are very similar just 10mm deeper to include a new CNC braking surface.

    Any more questions, just ask!


  3. Will these come with toe straps?

  4. Straps will not be offered as standard, however they will be available as an optional extra.

  5. Look brilliant. Will we get a preview of the different coloured frames?

    1. Yes! Like us on Facebook to see them first... They will be available on our website for pre order shortly.